A Non-Profit service oriented voluntary registered organisation commited for the all around development and rehablitation of the desabled particularly of the polio affected and those with born disabilities

Kindly mail us Pay in Slip scanned copy or screen shot of donation done on our email id info@manavsevasanstha@gmail.com to enable us to send you the donation receipt along with income tax exemption certificate copy.
As the Sansthan is a non-profit service oriented voluntary organisation its each and every services are totally free of cost and for the benefit of the needy and the suffering humans.
The Sansthan sustains on public donation, donations from the charitable Organisation and grants from the government. In a way, all achievements ill humanitarian services of the Sansthan are made possible with donations. We, in the interest of the disabled and suffering humanity, sincerely request the viewers, kindly to come forward with a generous hand to strengthen our hands to serve the suffering humanity with liberal donation.
You help us bring about a permanent change so handicapped and disabled people; mentally rerated children can have a happy, healthy life. Keep supporting us, together; we can keep working for good

Upcoming Events
There are regular katha programs that are held at our various ashrams that are situated in haridwar and delhi.
Different sort of holy educational events are organized at our ashrams from time to time .
Astrology programs
We also have programs for jyotish dwara kasht niwaran and learning jyotish.
Visitor Number :   10208