A Non-Profit service oriented voluntary registered organisation commited for the all around development and rehablitation of the desabled particularly of the polio affected and those with born disabilities


Manav Seva Sansthan is a NGO established in 2009 , ‘Manav’ to treat patients suffering from polio, cerebral palsy and serve the orthopedically handicapped and disabled. Our aim is to provide education and vocational training to the disabled and mentally retarded people with proper facilities to develop their potential to the fullest so that they can be self-reliant and independent.

Our charitable organization works closely with hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, mentally retarded children, handicapped and disabled individuals.

Our programs are made possible by donations and contributions from corporations, organizations and individuals who generously support us. As support builds, we will continue to extend our efforts and services provided to improve the quality of life for the physically challenged individuals.

Poor, needy and physically disabled people are being operated free of cost at Manav Seva Sansthan. Afterwards, these people are imparted vocational training, enabling them to earn their livelihood on their own. These services are provided by highly experienced and motivated professionals and volunteers.

Your good self may play a vital role through your donations so that these disabled persons could be operated immediately. Your contribution can bring in a lot of difference in the lives of many handicapped and disabled and mentally retarded children. It is possible to touch the heart of millions by way of our charity organization. You will find happiness when you donate whatever you can, according to your budget.

Upcoming Events
There are regular katha programs that are held at our various ashrams that are situated in haridwar and delhi.
Different sort of holy educational events are organized at our ashrams from time to time .
Astrology programs
We also have programs for jyotish dwara kasht niwaran and learning jyotish.
Visitor Number :   10207